Quality Workmanship

When you use our industrial coating applicator services, we enhance the properties of your equipment by infusing it with high release, non-stick, and low-friction features. We handle surface preparation and coating of both individual items and large production runs in our 18,000 square foot facility.

Baked Coatings

Specializing in high performance baked-on coating systems that protect your equipment from wear and tear.

Air Dried Coatings

Air-dried protective coating systems improve the appearance of structural and fabricated metal parts

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Provides the smooth consistent surface you need for coat applications, welding, and other metal treatment processes.

Facility and Machinery

Teff-Line Ltd. is a technologically advanced company, with an eye towards continuous innovation and a focus on providing the highest quality industrial coating services possible.

  • High-temperature curing ovens that are regularly calibrated to national standards by qualified technicians
  • Abrasive air blast booths that utilize a variety of surface preparation media, including steel shot and grit, aluminum oxide, crushed walnut shell, and glass bead blast
  • Electrostatic, air-assisted airless and conventional HVP turbine and high-volume dip/spin application equipment for consistent industrial coating services
  • Material handling equipment with up to 20,000lbs lifting capabilities

Our machinery is complemented by Teff-Line professionals who have advanced specialized skills and remarkable knowledge in their respective fields. They are always available to assist you in choosing the right coating or surface preparation technique for your needs.