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Established in 1978 in Ontario, Canada, Teff-Line Ltd. quickly became the go-to industrial coating applicator for many businesses across North America. We specialize in surface preparation and application of engineered high-performance protective coating designs that are formulated to extend equipment life and minimize costly downtime.

Teff-Line Ltd. is a sister company to Aberfoyle Metal Treaters, a commercial Heat Treating and Industrial Blast & Coating company that caters to over-sized components for a wide variety of heavy steel industries since 1989.

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Proudly serving the North American market since '78

Dedicated to Quality

Teff-Line Ltd. is a proud member of the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC). We are one of four ISO-certified Licensed Industrial Applicators of Chemours coatings and finishes in Canada. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is something we demonstrate clearly in every project we take on, a reflection on the workmanship of our professionals and the strict quality control that we adhere to on every job. As a dedicated industrial coating applicator and specialist, we stand behind each and every one of our projects and systems

Innovative and Committed

The wide variety of technologies that we offer make our coatings applicable for many industrial venues. We have provided the finishing touches on production and assembly rolls for paper and textile plants, anti-sticking solutions for food trays, grills, and meat processing equipment, coated metal processing machinery and custom material handling systems for mining corporations.

Our qualified professionals, together with our technological innovations and commitment to every customer, make Teff-Line Ltd. the number one industrial coating applicator for many North American industries.

Creating Solutions for Clients

Innovative thinking that’s changing the game for industrial dryer companies

It’s been a sticky problem for laundry services who clean hospital workers’ laundry; those outfits commonly known as “scrubs”. The issue is that when latex gloves are left in pockets, which by the way happens all the time, the gloves melt and stick to the inside of the dryer drums.

The only way to clean the melted latex off the drums is by manually scraping them with a scraper. This was not only a time-consuming job, which added costs to the process, it was also dangerous, because the worker would have to climb completely inside the dryers to do the work. The dryers would have to be locked off which meant down time for the machines.

But the problems didn’t stop there.

As much as 75% of the screens ended up covered with melted latex. This was adding as much as twice the drying time and used much more energy than was necessary.

We had a solution.

Through a series of tests on a client's dryer drums we were able to create the perfect proprietary formula that solved the problem.

Says Jim Hillsley, Operations Manager, “we can coat 12 drums in as little as four business days, and depending on usage will last 2 to 3 years before needing a recoat.”

Energy and labour savings, safety, and efficiency all add up to a game changing opportunity for industrial dryers across North America.

Quality and Guarantee

Teff-Line guarantees high performance coatings and stands by each and every specialty powder coating service we provide and apply for our customers.

Our objective is to meet the specific requirements and delivery schedules of all our clients by providing efficient turnarounds and quality workmanship.

We are a Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) of Chemours high performance coatings and an ISO 9001:2015 registered Quality Management Company that seeks to meet and exceed industry standards. All of our specialty powder coating procedures are closely monitored and documented to ensure that each job is completed as effectively as possible.

Teff-Line Ltd. is also a proud member of the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC). Our aim is to provide high performance coatings and high-end customer service to all of our customers. We look towards continuous improvement and seek every opportunity to upgrade our technology and workmanship, to make our operations more efficient, and to foster a long-term business relationship with our clients by delivering the highest possible quality of service.

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General Labour & Material Handler - Aberfoyle Metal Treaters

Based out of our Aberfoyle Metal Treaters division and reporting to the Plant Manager, the General Labour and Material Handler will assist with receipt of goods, positioning of parts for further processing, loading of materials for shipments and perform quality checks prior to packing loads.

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Industrial Grit Blaster - Teff-Line Ltd

Based out of our Teff-Line division, the grit blaster will prepare different surfaces of customer parts for painting or shipment using industrial grit blasting equipment to blast components with steel shot or other blast media. The candidate must understand the different SSPC specifications for surface cleaning.

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