Established in 1978

Welcome to Teff-Line Ltd.

Specializing in industrial Teflon coating solutions, including the supply and application of both baked-on and air dried corrosion-resistant industrial coatings, as well as abrasive cleaning for industrial products.

Baked Coatings

Teff-Line Ltd. specializes in high performance baked-on coating systems that protect your equipment from wear and tear

Air Dried Coatings

Protective coating improves the appearance of structural and fabricated metal parts

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Smooth consistent surface for coat applications, welding, and other metal treatment processes

Confident in our capability to provide the best industrial coatings.

At Teff-Lineā„¢, we provide the best industrial coatings for your business, both in appearance and durability. We work with an ISO and LIA-certified staff that has years of experience in the industry, as well as the latest technology available on the market for industrial Teflon coating manufacturers.

The Teflon coatings and systems we offer include, but are not limited to:
Silverstone plastic coating
Phenolic chemical-resistant coating
Industrial Teflon coating
Anti-corrosion nylon coating

Proudly serving the North American market since '78

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