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What Makes Teflon Spray Coating So Popular?

Basically, Teflon is a trademark that stands for PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene. The material was discovered accidentally by a scientist back in 1930s. With its unique and amazing properties such as low corrosion and abrasion, water resistance, heat resistance, and non-stick abilities, Teflon has been used in almost every industry.

Teflon spray coating, in particular, is much like spray-paint that sprays on and baked, forming a solid protective coat into any substrate.

The use of this product is almost endless due to the benefits it provides to users.

    Teflon sprays are commonly applied to auto parts and creates a seal that prevents wear and tear, extending the life of the parts.

    For instance, the ball bearings of a car are experiencing so much abrasion due to their use. Applying a Teflon spray coating to ball bearings will help in the reduction of abrasion and friction they experience. Same goes with bikes, motorcycles and vehicles with plenty of exposed parts. Teflon can prevent the formation of rust on those parts.


  • A Teflon spray coating is also great to use in other mechanical applications. You can even spray it on your snowblower to protect it from rust because of its high resistance to water. Do the same to your edger and lawn mower to prevent them from rusting or corroding while you are storing them over the winter.


  • You might have heard also that Teflon is one of the most commonly used product in coating cooking pans. This is because Teflon spray coating is non-stick, its key characteristic. Most substances will not stick to a Teflon finish but will slip to it easily. The product also has low coefficient of friction, which ranges about 0.05 to 0.20. And since it is non-wetting or nonabsorbent, surfaces coated with Teflon are easy to clean.


Teflon spray coating is widely used in industrial applications, too. So when you have products or parts that can benefit from this type of coating, just get in touch with Teff-Line Ltd. We will protect your product, whether there’s just one piece or thousands of them, through the application of Teflon spray coating.

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