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What Makes High Performance Coatings Especially Different

While paints and coatings have similarities, each type is different and serves distinct purposes. It’s very important to know the difference between them to choose the right product for your application. In comparison to high performance coatings, paints are relatively much less costly and function differently.

In the world of coatings, the main purpose of a paint is mainly on providing aesthetics by leaving behind a color on the substrate where it’s applied on.

It offers minimal protection, if any, while some types are enhanced to use in harsh applications such as outdoors. If not accompanied with protective undercoat or overcoat, don’t expect that paints will withstand the corrosion, chemicals, and other weathering elements. So, if your application requires optimum protection, you will need high performance coatings which include the medium and high solid polymer or epoxy coatings. They provide pigmented films, similar to those with paints but leave behind a denser, cured film which effectively seals and protects the substrate.   


High performance coatings offers such protection and resistance against most corrosive environments because they are specially engineered. They are typically used in nuclear facilities, chemical processing plants, energy plants, and the likes where high levels of heat, abrasion and chemicals are to be dealt with. Their highly advanced chemical properties can’t be compared to paints or generic coatings. Some high performance coatings can be applied cold, while special types may require electroplating or heat curing.


So when you are looking for protective coatings, it’s crucial to consult with the right experts who have a complete understanding of the different types of coatings. Sometimes, paying for advanced performance may not be necessary for your specific application and a medium-grade polymer coating would be enough already. To help you decide better and save on unnecessary expense, contact the experts of Teff-Line Ltd. We specializes in high performance coatings that offer smooth production processes, reduce your operation costs and protect your equipment and machinery from wear and tear.

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