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What Are Industrial Coatings?

Teff-Line Ltd. is a specialty company dedicated to the delivery of advanced industrial coatings and powder coating solutions. We operate as a multi-agency firm specializing in the provision of cross-industrial coating services in Canada and beyond. With our dedication to attention to detail, we have nurtured and matured our expertise in the field, making us the most trusted provider of advanced industrial coatings in North America. Our catalogue of services is rich in electives and options for every industry, project and process. We have over the years continued to refine our craft by giving breath to the most innovative ideas. Here are just a few of the services you can expect to experience on the first lane Teff-Line operates in.

Baked coating services

Teff-line is home to expertly administered baked-on coating solutions. We have over the years developed our expertise around perfecting both baked-on and dried-on industrial coating technologies. For the best results, our high performance multi-applicator industrial coatings are engineered to precision. In addition, we have industry specific solutions within our reach. We use Teflon-based baked-on coatings aimed at enhancing the performance and aesthetic appeal of electronics, appliances and automotive consumer goods.

Dried-on coating services

In our mission to be leaders in the industrial coatings industry, we have endeavored to think beyond the ordinary. That is why our air dried-on coatings are designed for excellence by combining superior organic substrates. The end product is a superior dried-on industrial coating that matches the needs of any industry. Besides, our dried-on solutions perfectly blend with various operational environments such as marine, high corrosion areas and environments exhibiting high moisture content.

Abrasive blast cleaning services

Abrasive blast cleaning is a modern technique which leads to exemplary adhesion of surface coatings on metal surfaces. At Teff-Line, we understand the need for a perfectly primed surface. A surface that has been made perfectly smooth and devoid of imperfections is ready for our industrial coatings.  

Is it always a good idea to have abrasive blast cleaning done before applying the coating? Is there a chance I can skip this step to save money?
Posted by: Quinn | September 28, 2017, 1:58 pm
how long do they last for?
Posted by: Betsy | January 31, 2017, 3:18 pm
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