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Unique Surface Preparation Technique

In metal treatment, the surface should be smooth and very uniform to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. The surface preparation method should leave the surface with no damage on it. Teff-line ltd has been offering surface preparation services in North America for the last more than three decades. It has been using abrasive blast cleaning, a technique that ensures the smoothest surface for your treatment   be it coat application, welding or other metal treatment processes.

The company has well trained technicians who use the technique to clean even the most contaminated surfaces. They always ensure that the clients are satisfied with the surface preparation done. Teff-line ltd is ISO certified and also certified by licensed industrial applicator (LIA). This is a proof that the company is well trusted in dealing with high quantity as well as low quantity materials. The company has constantly been broadening its customer base in the recent years.  For surface preparation, let Teff-line ltd be your best partner.

The company has a facility that make the cleaning process easier and efficient. The abrasive blast cleaning booths are world class. They are able to accommodate quite a number of surface preparation media such as aluminum oxide, crushed walnut sheet as well as glass bead blats. With highly, skilled experts and the sophisticated machinery, the clients are able to choose the best surface preparation techniques. The presence of the best experts has given credit for Teff-line over other companies that offer surface preparation services. The company has been very efficient in meeting its client’s requirements.  Abrasive blast cleaning has been the best technique used by the Teff-line ltd in serving its clients. Let the Teff-line ltd prepare your surfaces for quality treatment. It has been tested and proven to be the best in making the metal surfaces to meet the need of the clients. 

Very important when looking to prolong your machinery!
Posted by: Jim | June 3, 2016, 3:47 pm
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