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Types and Uses of Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings offer both protective and aesthetic utility in their applications across a range of different industries. Appearing on the steam can assemblies of paper plants, on the trays and pans of small and large scale baking enterprises, and steel structures across North America – the use of industrial-grade coatings are subtle and ubiquitous in every major industrial facet within the parameters of every-day life.


But what exactly are the various types of industrial-grade coatings used? And for what purposes are they applied?


Today we’ll go in-depth as we examine 2 general types of Industrial Coatings:


Baked Coatings

  • Baked coatings are utilized for their industrial strength and high-performing durability against regular wear and tear. Baked on coatings are also typically used on metal surfaces to provide protection from chemicals, wear, abrasion, and corrosion.
  • Teff-Line’s coatings offer a multitude of advantages including chemical and abrasion resistance, reliable performance in high-heat environments, anti-sticking and non-wetting qualities, low to zero need for lubricants, durable protection of equipment, minimized clean-up, and east product switch-over.
  • Teff-Line’s specially engineered Tef-Coat coating systems are composed of a number of substances to ensure high-performance every time. Coating substance composition include Teflon, Silverstone, FEP/EXPOSY, PTFE/EPOXY, PTFE FEP PFA/FEP PVC PFA ETFE, PFA PTFE Electro Conductive, PPS/PFTE ECTFE PVDF MOS2 DAG, Phelonic, Nylon, and Xylan.


Air-Dried Coatings

  • Like baked coatings, air-dried coatings also serve high-performing industrial strength and durability against external corrosive factors and everyday wear and tear.
  • Application of air-dried coatings to structural or fabricated metal parts increases aesthetic in appearance while simultaneously providing protection against chemicals, moisture, and environmental hazards. Teff-Lines air-dried coatings offer a number of unique advantages ideal for specific application including colour retention and durable surface, rust and corrosion protection, decreased light reflection, and resistance to abrasion.
  • Teff-Line’s air-dried coatings include the composition of polyamide and amine cured epoxies, inorganic and organic zinc rich, aliphatic polyurethane, vinyl ester, high-hear resistant silicone, engineered siloxane, anti-fouling, acrylic, polyester, and arc spray metallizing.


Teff-Line Ltd. is Your Go-To Industrial Coatings Applicator

Teff-Line offers over 40 years of experience in the application of industrial-grade coatings. Specializing in surface preparation, supply, and in the application of engineered high-performing coatings known for durability and enhancing the aesthetic quality of surfaces.

Composed of highly experiences and knowledgeable professionals, Teff-Line prioritized high-quality results with superior customer service. Able to offer solutions for your unique needs, Teff-Line ensures its dedication to delivering quality on every single project regardless of scope.


Great breakdown of baked and air-dried coatings!
Posted by: Alice | March 18, 2019, 10:24 am
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