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The Valuable Properties of Chemical Resistant Coatings

Applications that require safe and consistent operation in the presence of chemicals will largely benefit from the use of chemical resistant coatings. These incredible designs protect machinery and surfaces from corrosion caused by chemical exposure. This type of protective coating forms a glossy, low friction, and smooth finish that resists abrasion, turbulence and cavitation. It also provides superior adhesion that bonds excellently to all metal substrates. They are used to resurface tube sheets, pump impellers, butterfly valves, condensers, and plenty more, not to mention that they can be used as a tool for repairs in some situations.


Chemical resistant coatings actually do more than just resist chemicals!


Apart from offering valuable resistant qualities against corrosion and abrasion, these coatings have other great benefits. Since chemical resistant coatings are made to provide protection on the surfaces of metal products being painted, coated parts are noticeably more durable than their untreated counterparts. Unlike paints, these coatings are produced from epoxy substrates whose main property leads to increased resistance from peeling off. Metal parts and substrates applied with these types of coating also become more resistant to dirt, and therefore much easier to clean. Similarly, those surfaces also have high resistance to dust which enables them to stay clean longer than regularly coated surfaces.      


Chemical resistant coatings are available in a wide variety of types. Teff-Line Ltd. provides different variants, including epoxy floor coating, epoxy Novalac binder and floor coating, Novalac vinyl ester resin coating, and vinyl ester resin coating. All of our industrial protective coatings can withstand corrosion and abrasion from harmful chemicals and substances. Our technological innovations, coupled with experienced and highly qualified professionals, make us the sought-after industrial coating service provider for many industries across North America. The durable, high-quality coatings we offer are all designed to perfectly suit any of your application requirements. Feel free to contact us today and learn more!

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