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The Process of Applying Teflon Spray Coating

The Process of Applying Teflon Spray Coating

Perhaps one of the most versatile industrial coatings is the Teflon spray coating which has a very wide range of industrial applications. It is also very popular as a highly durable and reliable coating for cookware. Aside from its ability to resist and withstand heat, Teflon coating also offers total chemical inertness, low coefficient of friction and excellent dielectric stability which add value to a range of part sizes and configurations.

Preparation of surface before Teflon spray coating application

The process of Teflon spray coating application typically starts by first preparing the surface through the process known as grit blasting. Grit blasting makes use of a very high pressure stream of abrasive materials which is directed to a component or part of the surface in order to add a surface texture or remove contaminants and surface coatings. This kind of grit media used is dependent on the application as well as the type of substrate used. Aluminum oxide is a common media which is used for various ranges of applications although there are also other choices of media for the desired texture.

Manual Application of Teflon Coating

The Teflon coatings can be applied manually with the use of conventional spray techniques. The procedure is typically undertaken with the use of standard spray equipment and compressed air. The spray gun needs to be held in a perpendicular manner to the work piece with the use of a spray gun’s flat and rectangular motion. It is also very important to avoid whipping of the spray in a particular arc since this will usually result in wet film bubbles which may cause beading right on the edges of the material. Suction, pressure type or gravity spray equipment is great to use with Teflon spray coating. The spray equipment must also be made with stainless or aluminum steel and or coated with a Teflon. The transfer lines must also be inert chemically and the air lines need to be filtered so as to ensure that the compressed air will not be contaminated with oil and water.


Automatic application of the coating is commonly used for large volumes of products and it is in this process that conveyor systems are used. While the automatic application will require skills and experience, the coatings can be applied fast and are much uniform. In order to get enhanced film uniformity, electrostatic spray guns can be used in this kind of application. High volume production will also require electrostatic application in order to reduce overspray what will generate at least 15 percent in savings. Teflon coating may also be applied with the use of powder coating technology wherein powders that are free-flowing are being applied through convention electrostatic powder equipment. The application technique will depend on the kind of material used but the powder’s high attractive nature will permit a broader range of voltage application.

Curing is also deemed an important process in order to achieve a surface finish that will be able to provide with optimum performance. The coated part has to be placed within the curing oven at a high temperature. 

Cookware should always be coated.
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