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The Latest Technology Trends in The World of Powder Coating

Corrosion, impact and wear are major challenges for many enterprises that use tools or machinery on a regular basis. Custom powder coating with Teff-Line can provide the ideal level of protection for tools that see heavy use, may be exposed to corrosive chemical or are used in high-temperature applications.


In order to meet any requirement, we offer a comprehensive line of powder coating services that have been formulated to provide excellent performance.


Custom Powder coating will increase the efficiency of your operations by protecting tools and machinery, extending their life span and allowing you to take on tougher jobs. Coating, for example, can provide higher turbine speeds, prolong the service life of bearings and reduce fuel consumption for machinery.


New coating methods for substrates such as wood or MDF with low-temperature enhances product design while providing very functional protection. Custom powder coating can additionally provide a superior alternative to paint, providing a better finish and stronger protection.


Baked-on and air dried spray coatings as well as primer-less options do not compromise the coating’s ability to resist UV while keeping excellent adhesion and resistance to corrosion, impact and abrasion.


Epoxy and clay nanocomposite are two of the more modern methods available. Clay nanoparticles can be properly dispersed in epoxy resin and can accelerate the epoxy curing reaction. Various custom powder coating formulations use different concentrations of clay nanoparticle to provide the best thermal and fire resistance as well as superior corrosion resistance in comparison to plain epoxy powder.


When it comes to the different application methods available, the most common technique involves the use of an electrostatic charge to facilitate the adhesion of powder onto the surface.


Whatever the industrial requirement, custom powder coating can be an essential investment in durability and resistance. With the expertise of Teff-Line’s technicians, our protective coating systems can extend the service life of your metal components and tools.


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