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The Benefits of Protective Coating Systems

There are various types of advanced protective coating systems that are used in today's industry. Their target is to achieve excellence by offering superior protection to the core of the materials being coated. The use of specialty metal handling and coating resources are critical to offering protection from rust, extreme weather conditions, oxidation, and other naturalistic processes likely to wear out coated surfaces. It also enhances the aesthetic beauty of the coated surfaces, while offering protection from wear and tear, corrosion by acidic elements, and basic elements.

 The Advanced Protective Coating Systems include:

Zinc plating: The electrochemistry of metal reduction and chemical reduction enables the coating of less electrochemically reactive metals with zinc. With the coated surface being surrounded by the low electrochemically reactive zinc, the core is protected from rusting, oxidation or corrosion. These protective coating systems allow for the plating of steel and other iron-based substrates.

Gold plating: This involves coating a metal surface with gold-sourced substrates that offer both cosmetic and protective effects. Gold plating is best suited for coating iron, steel and other iron-based substrates that may rust if exposed to both air and moisture for long periods of time.

Silver plating: Silver plating is an advanced metal protection technique that deploys the use of silver. Silver plating offers protective coating against rust, oxidation and reduction. In such instances, silver coating allows for an exceptionally shiny polish on the surface.

The protective aspects of metal coating possess the ability to handle the inconvenient consequences of wear and tear, as well as reduction-oxidative processes. At Teff-line, we understand the needs and expectations of our customers. That is why we craft the best protective coating systems for every project.  You may call us today for further details and inquiries. Our customer service team will readily help you with exceptional customer service, ensuring that your time and money is well spent.


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