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The Benefits of Chemical Resistant Coatings

One of the dangers in a manufacturing setting are chemical reactions that result in corrosion and destruction of property. This is why chemical resistant coatings are important in an industrial setting. The following are some of the benefits of chemical resistant coatings on equipment:


Benefits of Chemical Resistant Coatings

Protection - This is the main purpose of chemical resistant coatings on equipment. When properly applied, there is a film of protection that resists chemicals from corroding equipment. Unfortunately, there is no one coating protector for all types of chemical corrosion; however, adding a layer on equipment can provide more protection.

Efficiency -  Without chemical resistant coatings on machinery and other equipment, even water can be damaging. Chemical resistant coatings ensure the efficient operation of the machine regardless of conditions in the manufacturing area.

Aesthetics - Chemical resistant coatings not only provide protection and increase equipment efficiency; it can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of the equipment. This is done by choosing the color and design.


There are many ways to apply chemical resistant coatings. Here are some of the ways that this process is conducted.


Spray painting - This is the simplest way to apply chemical resistant coatings. Pressure is used to apply the coating. This is used for smaller items that are easy to handle.

Electro static application - The coating is applied using a positive and negative charge on the surface of the equipment. Due to the charge, the coating is evenly distributed on the surface. This is often used to apply chemical resistant coatings on large pieces of equipment.

Fluidized bed - The coating is applied by immersing the equipment in a vat full of chemical resistant coating. This is often used for midsized equipment due to size and volume constraints.


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Good stuff!
Posted by: Mike D | July 17, 2017, 10:59 am
These services seem beneficial, especially with chemically polluted environments.
Posted by: SharonK3 | June 5, 2017, 11:23 am
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