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The Basics of High Performance Coatings

Understanding the world of industrial coatings can be a highly complex endeavor as select paints will offer a large range of differing properties and aesthetic qualities. It is often the case that two different types of coatings are headed under the same umbrella of coating yet cater to different applications.

If you’re in the market for a high performance coating, it would pay to have a basic understanding of what constitutes as a high performing coating – so you won’t end up getting duped into spending more on a coating that doesn’t make sense for your specific application.


Today we delve into the world of high performance coatings by learning the basics.


What is a high performing coating?


As its name suggests, high performing coatings (or protective coatings) are intended for applications that require more protection than applications that simply require an aesthetic upgrade. High performing coatings are formulated with anti-abrasive materials such as tungsten carbide and boron nitride, to reduce the effects of normal wear and tear. Protective coatings typically undergo a heat curing or electroplating process in order to ensure the coating is thoroughly baked on.


What is a generic polymer coating?


Coatings that do not offer much protection are generally known as generic polymer coats. Generic polymer coatings simply do not offer the same protective qualities high performing coatings do. Generic polymers will not be able to withstand the negative implications of exposure to corrosion, abrasion, heat, and chemicals. Generic polymer coatings are applied for the purpose of elevating the aesthetic quality of the surface in which it is applied to.


Where are high performing coatings typically used?


There are a large range of protective coatings that are specially formulated based on specificity of applications. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all generic coating – but rather the type of high performing coatings will largely depend on a range of factors i.e. application, environment, expected use, etc.

High performing coats are used for a large range of purposes across multiple industries. A few common places you will most likely find a high performing coating include energy plants, chemical treatment plants, nuclear facilities, city infrastructure, etc.


Finding a Reputable High Performance Coating Applicator


Teff-Line offer years of experience formulating and applying high performing coatings for a number of industries across North America. As a Licensed Industrial Applicator, we guarantee that our protective coatings are fully capable of meeting the specificity of your application needs. The entire coating process is closely monitored for quality assurance so you can rest assured knowing the job is completed as effectively as possible. For all your protective coating needs call Teff-Line today! One of our industry professionals would be happy to assist you.

Do you apply high performance coatings to city infrastructure i.e. bridges?
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