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Teflon is a popular brand that has been in the market for several decades now. The most popular of the Teflon Spray coatings is the Teflon PTFE. This is a coating that possesses an exceptional non-stick property. It also has a low friction coefficient. It is one of the most recognized compounds when it comes to coating. It has numerous applications in all industrial sectors. Teflon spray coatings are preferred by most of the customers because of their reliability and durability. Teflon PTFE is formed through the free radical vinyl polymerization of TFE, that is, tetrafluoroethylene. This gives the coating high thermal stability. This means that it can withstand high temperature applications without weakening. The mechanical properties of Teflon PTFE include flexibility at low temperatures, toughness and resistance to abrasions. You should keep in mind that these properties could be improved significantly with the use of internal and external material reinforcements.

The use of Teflon spray coatings in non-lubricated systems has reported friction coefficients of as low as 0.02. In cases where there are high dynamic PV limits, it has been witnessed that the coefficient goes to as low as 0.10. The use of Teflon coatings is affected by factors such as creeps and stress levels. However, when the stress levels of the material are below the elastic limit, the performance of the coating will be sustainable. When the stress goes beyond a certain level there will be creep but to a small extent. This can be ignored depending on the type of application. However, in most cases compressive recovery is performed depending on the strain percentage. The properties of Teflon PTFE are considered when the material is in pure form. This means that they may not apply when you apply composite forms of PTFE available in the market. It is crucial that you make the right selection of coating to use depending on your industrial application. 

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Posted by: Joe | June 3, 2016, 3:46 pm
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