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The Applications of Industrial Coatings

By definition, industrial coatings are applied to the surface of an object, whether it is a component in a machine or a standalone part. The object on which industrial coatings are applied is called the substrate. There are many reasons why industrial coatings are used on objects, some of which are as follows.

Common Applications of Industrial Coatings

  1. Adhesive. Industrial coatings can be applied to the substrate as preparation to the attachment of other items onto the substrate. Many manufacturing processes use industrial coating equipment to coat the substrate surface with an even, precise layer of adhesive.
  2. Protection. This process involves the application of industrial coatings designed to protect the substrate from specific environmental factors. This includes primers to prevent corrosion as well as absorbent industrial coatings, such as anti UV coatings, which are designed to extend the life of a substrate when exposed to the sun. Other industrial coatings that protect the substrate do so through waterproofing and sealing as well as insulation. These serve to strengthen the substrate by providing further protection to avoid deterioration.
  3. Aesthetics. Not only do industrial coatings perform a functional need, they can also be aesthetic in purpose. Thus, coatings can be applied to substrates such as vehicles, homes and other materials to please the eye. This can be mixed with the functional industrial coatings for more bang for the buck.

Industrial coatings have many functions and applications, three of which are listed here. Adhesive coatings are probable the most common of the three, with protective industrial coatings a close second. These protective coatings can also be applied to substrates such as milling tooling, stamping dies and more to extend their lifespan. Last, industrial coatings that provide aesthetic improvements can also be applied. Choosing the right industrial coating is of paramount importance to protect or improve a product visually with ease. 

Is it possible to get coatings with non-stick properties?
Posted by: Dwayne | September 28, 2017, 1:56 pm
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