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The Answer to Product Coating That’s Environmentally Safe

With their growing popularity, powder coatings have been continually improved and now come in a wide variety of options. Apart from the standard thermoset powder coats, such as epoxies, polyesters, and polyurethanes, specialty powder coatings are designed to provide a certain function, feel, and look to a metal substrate. They also come in different types, with each type having its own set of benefits and challenges from which you can surely choose the one that best suits your needs. 


The coating industry had been facing a major challenge of meeting functionality and performance without compromising the safety of the environment. The establishment of powder coating as a dry finish technology perfectly addresses this concern.


The process uses a powder made from finely ground pigments

and resin that’s electrostatically charged.


The parts that have to be protected with standard or specialty powder coating are electrically grounded for the powder particles to cling to them until they become fully fused into a coating that’s uniform, durable, and attractive. 


What makes this type of coating system eco-friendly is that it contains no volatile organic compounds or VOC’s, and is not classified as hazardous waste. Not to mention the fact that the powder material can be recycled or reused. It can be recycled up to 95% which reduces waste, minimizing waste disposal cost, and potential harm to the environment. All of these factors can significantly reduce the total costs involved in complying with environmental regulations concerning a finishing system. 


Moreover, specialty powder coating is a solid material, so it does not release solvent-related vapours into the air in a working environment. This makes it safe for the workers who are applying the powder coats. Also, any spills during the application process can be easily vacuumed or swept. So, overall, what you get in the end is an effective, attractive, safe, and eco-friendly industrial coating solution.


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