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Spotlight on Teflon Spray Coating

Did you know that there is more than one kind of Teflon spray coating? 

Teflon spray coating can be used on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Examples of these surfaces include aluminum, brass, carbon steel, steel alloys, glass, and plastics among others. A primer coat that works well with most surfaces is Teflon coating. In most cases, a roughening process is done to obtain optimum adhesion before coating is applied.

There are various types of Teflon spray coating, such as:

  • Teflon PTFE
  • Teflon FEP
  • Teflon PFA
  • Teflon ETFE
  • Teflon dry lubricant
  • Teflon one coat

Teflon FEP has low friction, great non-stick and chemical resistance properties. High temperatures of 204 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit are typically applied. FEP usually comes in two forms: powder and water based liquid. In conditions of high pressure and velocity, Teflon dry lubricant is preferred since it is solvent based.

Teflon PTFE is a two coat system. This type of coating has good chemical and abrasion resistance as well as very high operating temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. It is only available in water based form however.

PFA Teflon coating has some properties that are similar to those of FEP, that include formation of non-porous films. It has greater toughness and is a good choice for a variety of uses. Powder and water based liquids are the forms this type of coating comes readily available in.

Teflon one consists of a mixture of high performing fluoro-plastics and resins so as to increase the product’s abrasion resistance, adhesion and toughness. During baking, stratification of film components occurs, however the non-sticking and low friction property is still retained. This classification of Teflon spray coating can be readily applied to smooth and clean metal.

ETFE is a combination of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene and is usually found in powder form. It is the toughest type of coating and can therefore produce an extremely durable finish. 

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