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Powder Coating vs. Painting

Fabricated products require proper finishing and protection from exposure to rust and other corrosive agents to create a longer-lasting experience. Coating them can be achieved through a variety of ways, among them painting and powder coating. Conventionally, coating surfaces has been done through painting, with powder coating being a modern approach of giving surfaces a fine continuous coating. For the best results, specialty powder coating equipment and powders are baked on fabricated surfaces protecting them from oxidation, reduction and corrosion.

Specialty powder coating involves the use of advanced powdered granules that are superimposed on fabricated surfaces at high pressure and temperature. Ideally, the coating powder is crafted from highly non-volatile compounds leading to close to zero emission of organic compounds. Comparatively, the regular paints are made from both organic and in-organic compounds, most of which are organic and harmful to the environment. As an eco-friendly alternative, powder coating should be done by combining the right skills and facilities for optimal performance.

Compared with the conventional liquid paint coatings, powder coating offers uniform results.   This is because it creates results with no sags or runs and can be used to develop thicker surface coatings. As a plus in modern fabrication, the powder coating allows for effects that display superior results at all instances of application.

During application, powder coating involves thermal baking of the powdered granules on the pre-fabricated surface at high temperatures and pressure. As a result, powder coatings bond better onto metal substrates. This provides superior adhesion that resists chipping, cracking and flaking during bending and sheering.

The best powder coating services are those created with the end-user needs at heart. Prime to the specialty powder coating solutions is Teff-line. We have advanced machines to ensure that every coating is specially done with a touch of class. Our all-inclusive approach to rethinking modern fabrication ensures that our post-fabrication solutions meet and exceed local and international standards.

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