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Today, custom powder coating is one of the most popular and best performing options for a protective finish to shield metals, tools, parts, machinery and equipment from corrosion, peeling, damages and wear. One of the reasons behind this is that this type of coating is environment-friendly and it does not require any industrial chemicals in the process.

Both Teflon and powder coatings are done to impart specific properties to the item, component or equipment intended to be coated. The goal of powder coating is to provide a protective layer that shields the item from corrosion and potential damages. With Teflon spray coating, imparting a non-stick property to the surface of an item is the main goal.

A high quality coating can resist common industrial chemicals and treatments which can cause corrosion; its glossy, low friction, and finish provides excellent protection against abrasion, impacts and cavitation. It also provides superior adhesion that bonds to all metal substrates.

There are three different types of protective coating systems used to prevent ferrous metals from corroding, making them a lot tougher and more durable. These coatings are also used to improve the appearance of the surface, giving them great aesthetic properties.

Abrasive blast cleaning is a process that fires particular materials, such as dry ice or sand, at a surface, to smooth over or clean that surface through powerful abrasion.