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. This is why coatings are commonly used, and why you should rely on a trusted and certified industrial coating applicator like Teff-Line. 

When your metal products need a better colour, increased durability, or a strong resistance to corrosion, Teff-Line's custom powder coating is the ideal choice!

Industrial machines and equipment can be kept in their top condition best when they are actively being protected. One of the best ways to protect your machines is to use industrial coatings.

Applications that require safe and consistent operation in the presence of chemicals will largely benefit from the use of chemical resistant coatings, which protect machinery and surfaces from corrosion caused by chemical exposure.

Surface preparation is very important for any coating application. The quality of the finished surface largely depends on how effective the method of cleaning being used is. Different substrates require different techniques of surface preparation. Abrasive blast cleaning is one of the most economical methods of cleaning a rough surface with unwanted contaminants or impurities attached to it. That’s why it became a popular choice for many industries including metal finishing, shipbuilding, and cleaning services.