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With increased environmental changes and a prognosed increase in acidic rain, there is a dire need in having both metallic and concrete surfaces protected from the adversaries of nature. To attain this, the use of chemical resistant coatings plays a role in protection not only in chemical plants, but in everyday applications as well. In the making of protective coatings, brushable, trowelled and sprayable formulas are designed to give surfaces lasting protection

Abrasive blast cleaning is a technique that is used to remove coats using fine particles that are propelled at very high pressures and directed towards the intended surfaces. The main objective of this technique is to clean and smoothen industrial surfaces. There are several types of abrasive materials that can be used for this operation depending on the nature of the surface that needs to be cleaned. The pressure under which the particles are propelled will determine the texture of the surface that will be created. If the pressure is high, the particles will hit the surface harder and leave it smoother. Abrasive blast cleaning is versatile and has a wide range of applications in the industries. It can be used on surfaces made of metal, glass, wood, stone and even concrete.

Teflon is a popular brand that has been in the market for several decades now. The most popular of the Teflon Spray coatings is the Teflon PTFE. This is a coating that possesses an exceptional non-stick property. It also has a low friction coefficient. It is one of the most recognized compounds when it comes to coating. It has numerous applications in all industrial sectors. Teflon spray coatings are preferred by most of the customers because of their reliability and durability.

In production, you will need equipment that helps you to maximize production. Therefore the manufacturing industries don’t take it for granted. But they always ensure that they have their equipment coated using the best coating technique.

There are wide variations in Teflon based industrial coatings designed for use in various surfaces including; steel, carbon, stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum or brass among others. The bouquet further comes with a flexible set of applicator paints for non-metallic surfaces including; glass, rubber, plastic and fiber glass among others.