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For over 40 years we have provided innovative coatings that are engineered to perform flawlessly in almost any desired application. We specialize in surface preparation, application and supplying specially engineered, high-performance protective industrial coatings.

The use of advanced chemical resistant coatings offers the ultimate protection for important materials being coated.

Unlike the traditional wet paints that require a solvent for application, custom powder coating is a better and safer option that is also a much better method of applying a protective finish.

Abrasive blast cleaning is one of the most favored techniques to clean a surface or object and prepare it for industrial coat applications or metal treatment processes. It uses compressed air or water to propel a stream of abrasive materials under high pressure to smooth a rough surface. It gives a great foundation for your applications and metal treatments, assuring a perfect finish.

These issues can give your business big trouble if not addressed properly. You can prevent these eventual problems and protect your investments by employing chemical resistant coatings.