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As the modern industrial landscape continues to boom, so too does the need for adequate protection systems for metal, composite, and alloy surfaces against their environments. Protective coating systems answer this call in an amalgam of sectors and have become indispensable in contributing to their successful operations.

The benefits associated with this standard have demonstrated unmistakable returns for service providing companies, such as custom powder coating companies like ourselves. 

The value of routine maintenance checks for your equipment cannot be understated. The success of this is contingent on a number of factors, one of which we’ll be discussing today – industrial coatings.

Today we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind why proper surface preparation methods and techniques are essential to the entire coating process.

There’s no doubt that powder coating systems provide both aesthetic value and practical utility on metal equipment, fixtures, and components. Typically comprising of a multi-step finishing process, powder coating technology has evolved over the years, providing better resistance to everyday wear and tear than it did in the past.