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If you’re in the market for a high performance coating, it would pay to have a basic understanding of what constitutes as a high performing coating – so you won’t end up getting duped into spending more on a coating that doesn’t make sense for your specific application.

Nearly four decades ago, powder coatings were introduced to North America. Today – the powdered coating industry has grown vastly, with coating and finishing technology flourishing due to its ubiquity across all industry sectors.

For those whose work involves the use of industrial coatings, here are some of interesting facts about the coatings we offer.  

Teflon has served many industries. Here are five advantages you stand to gain from having a Teflon spray coating applied to your machinery and equipment.

Industrial coatings offer both protective and aesthetic utility in their applications across a range of different industries. Appearing on the steam can assemblies of paper plants, on the trays and pans of small and large scale baking enterprises, and steel structures across North America – the use of industrial-grade coatings are subtle and ubiquitous in every major industrial facet within the parameters of every-day life.