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Surface preparation is very important for any coating application. The quality of the finished surface largely depends on how effective the method of cleaning being used is. Different substrates require different techniques of surface preparation. Abrasive blast cleaning is one of the most economical methods of cleaning a rough surface with unwanted contaminants or impurities attached to it. That’s why it became a popular choice for many industries including metal finishing, shipbuilding, and cleaning services.

The demand for industrial coating services today is constantly increasing. One of the reasons behind this is that most industries use this method to protect their equipment, product components and various elements that are crucial to their day to day operations, as the best method of shielding a substrate from the different elements, corrosion and wear and tear. Investing in industrial coating services is a good idea. However, this task is not something that a regular painting contractor can do and choosing a reliable and professional contractor is necessary to achieve the best results.


At Teff-Line, we provide quality industrial coatings, including baked and air dried coating services, to our valued clientele. Industrial coatings are available in both powder and liquid forms. These coatings are so frequently used because they add value to any product where they are applied, which explains why industrial coatings are a common name in the fabrication industry. 

There are many kinds of chemical resistant coatings available in the market today. The purpose of these kinds of coatings is to provide another layer of protection for the equipment as it operates. The kinds of chemical resistant coatings are determined by the corrosive element the coating seeks to counteract. 

Rust and corrosion are the main issues haunt the world of metal parts and machinery. While in the manufacturing industry, the presence of unwanted contaminants and rough surfaces are the common problems. Fortunately, abrasive blast cleaning is there to fix all of these issues. It is the most effective method of getting rid of these concerns.