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Custom powder coating with Teff-Line can provide the ideal level of protection for tools that see heavy use, may be exposed to corrosive chemical or are used in high-temperature applications.

Custom powder coating is a great way of adding aesthetic value and desirable physical attributes. In our latest post we look at the three most common types of powders used in powder coating and what their relative benefits are. Note, also, that powders can be mixed together to achieve the desired finish and characteristics.

Industrial coatings have often been considered, mistakenly, as having a large environmental impact. In fact, the industry has been at the forefront of minimizing waste. From working with suppliers and formulators upstream, recapturing stray chemicals during coating to implementing training and best practices, the industry has endeavoured to reduce its environmental footprint. Read about some such initiatives.

Transportation is one of the key elements of any business. This is especially true when the nature of the business involves deliveries and hauling. Investing on high performance coatings for your cargo vans, pickup trucks and truck bed is a great way to protect your vehicle and expand its service life.

Industrial coatings are used to protect a wide array of industrial tools. This blog post details the difference between the two types of coatings we offer here at Teff-Line, and how we can provide high performance, top-grade industrial coatings for you!