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Custom powder coating is typically used to provide protective properties to various metal objects. This blog post delves into what you should know about powder coatings, including how it works and why it’s important!

From providing resistance to corrosion and abrasion to providing a smooth finish, industrial coatings serve a number of different purposes. This blog post details three purposes that industrial coatings have and how we at Teff-Line provide top-quality coating services for you.

At Teff-Line, we are the leading providers of abrasive blast cleaning services. Abrasive blast cleaning is the process of using highly pressurized materials to help smooth out different metals. This blog post details the benefits of blast cleaning.

 Custom powder coating also provides many options in decorative finishes in an unlimited range of shades, colors and textures.

While paints and powder coatings have similarities, each serves distinct purposes. It’s important for any business to know the difference between them in order to protect a product for specific uses. In comparison to high performance coatings, paints can be less costly but do not offer the extensive protection coatings can provide.