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Industrial coatings are often done on substrates like polyester, aluminum, copper, ceramics, zinc, and fiberglass among others. It is used on material for compressors, farm equipment, pumps, machine tools, construction tools and other industrial markets. Surfaces are protected against cavitation, high or low temperatures, compressive forces, turbulence, abrasion and corrosive forces...

Specialty powder coatings are powder coatings that meet all coating needs.

Chemical resistant coatings are protective industrial coatings that are able to withstand corrosion from harmful substances. Teff-line LTD has a variety of these coatings, namely:


Perhaps one of the most versatile industrial coatings is the Teflon spray coating which has a very wide range of industrial applications. It is also very popular as a highly durable and reliable coating for cookware. Aside from its ability to resist and withstand heat, Teflon coating also offers total chemical inertness, low coefficient of friction and excellent dielectric stability which add value to a range of part sizes and configurations.


The success of any coating application depends on several parameters that include surface preparation, skills of the coating applicator, film thickness, methods of application and the existing conditions at the time of application. The need for surface preparation varies but it generally depends on the type of substrate. There are substrates that require nothing more than simple cleaning with a dust cloth while other substrates require abrasive blast cleaning.