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Making Reliable Industrial Coatings

Our company, for over 39 years since its establishment, has continued to provide innovative industrial coatings that are engineered to perform flawlessly in its desired application. We specialize in surface preparation, application, and the supplying of specially engineered, high-performance, protective coating systems. With our specialized experience and well-engineered products, we can enhance your equipment, tools, and machines to give you excellent durability and higher efficiency.


There are two types of industrial coatings that we offer – baked coatings and air dried coatings.


Baked Coatings

Baked coatings are ideal where high-heat applications are part of the operational function. Unique chemical combinations that include Teflon, Phenolic, Nylon and Xylan are part of the compositions we engineered to offer as our high performance coating solutions. These industrial coatings have many applications in the automotive, mining, and food industries – to name a few.


Air Dried Coatings

This protective system coating uniquely offers improved appearance on steel structures and other metal fabrication components. It also gives great protection from chemical contaminants such as fuel, oil or grease. Components we use – but are not limited to – include epoxy based coatings, acrylic, vinyl ester and also high-heat resistant silicone.


Our Reliability Is For Your Advantage!

We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management Company as well as a Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) of DuPont High Performance Coatings. We strive to meet and exceed industry standards. As a company, we also try to maintain a good long standing relationship with our loyal customers as well as foster new customer relationships to progress in the future.


When you need industrial coatings for whatever application you might have, rely on Teff-Line. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality industrial coatings to protect your tools and equipment. We are committed to providing excellent service for you to ensure that we’re your go-to industrial coatings provider.

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