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Introduction to Teflon Coatings

Get high quality coating and blast cleaning services with Teff-Line, using specially engineered Teflon coatings approved by industrial authorities. If you are looking for Teflon coatings for your industrial needs, Teff-Line is available to provide services for surface preparation, distribution, and utilization of high-quality coating systems. We strive to reduce your company’s downtime and extend the lifespan of your machinery.

Tefflon Coatings and Abrasive Blast Cleaning Services

Teff-Line is a proud member of NACE International and Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC), dedicated to complying with our customers’ high standards when it comes to industrial coating needs. Our professional staff work with every client, consulting with their individualized coating requirements, and follow strict quality control and workflow-guided labor. We are certified as a Licensed Industrial Applicator of DuPont finishes and coatings.

Among our distinctly engineered TefCoat systems are Teflon coatings, Xylan, FEP/EPOXY (PTFE, FEP, PFA/FEP - PVC, PFA, ETFE), Phenolic, Silverstone, and PFA/PTFE Electro-Conductive among others.  We specialize in using a variety of coating systems for baked coating, air-dried coating, and abrasive blast cleaning purposes. Primarily, baked coating services encompass reducing clean-up time, as well as enforcing non-wetting and anti-sticking properties.

Alternatively, air dried coating makes use of protective coating systems, such as arc spray metallizing, polyamide and amine cured epoxies, vinyl ester, acrylic, and high-heat resistant silicone, among others. Each of these products has specific applications, but they share the same set of advantages. These perks include resistance from abrasion, retention of color, surface durability, protection from corrosion and rust, and reduced reflection of light.

Lastly, you have Teff-Line’s abrasive blast cleaning, which is used to provide a smooth finished surface, which would make it feasible for metal treatment, coat applications, and welding. The benefits of the service include improved handling for most contaminated metal, effective preparation, surface protection from damage, and a smooth result. 

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