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Teff-Line’s custom powder coating and surface preparation services are extremely important across many industries in North America. Our contributions appear on the steam can assemblies of paper plants, on the trays and pans of local and transnational bakeries, on steel structures across Canada and the United States, and in many other industries, including plastic and packaging, petroleum production, railing, and water treatment facilities.


In this section, you can get an idea of what kind of custom powder coating solutions we can offer for your particular sector.


If you would like more information on which custom powder coating solutions we can offer to meet your needs, give us a call and our professionals will be happy to assist you.

We can offer several unique custom powder coating solutions across many unique industries:

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating

Aircraft carrier tie-down link plates, blast cleaning, and bake coating airplane components for longer durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating

Cleaning and powder coating for brake parts, connecting rods, bearing surfaces, linkages, throttle shafts, window and lock mechanisms.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Chemical Processing

Corrosion-resistant custom powder coating and protective solutions for linings that contain aggressive chemicals, waste elements, and other harmful substances.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Food & Beverage

FDA-approved coating systems that can safely be used for direct food contact. These coatings have high temperature resistance, durability, and non-stick properties.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating

Teff-Line specialty powder coating solutions are used for rapid securing devices, RAST equipment, cable reels, track troughs, and guide winch system components.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Mining & Refining

Abrasion-resistant custom powder coating techniques for field machinery, including screw conveyors, industrial bucket elevators, and other metal processing and material handling systems.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Paper & Textile

High-quality heat-resistant coatings for dryer rolls, steam can assemblies, and other production equipment.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Power Generation

High-quality surface preparation and finishing touches for stator finger plate assemblies and other electrical equipment.

Teff-Line Custom Powder Coating
Steel Fabrication

Specialty powder application and blast cleaning for basket strainers, bases, architectural railings, custom fabricated equipment, and weld plates.