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Industrial Coatings – Why Are They Important?

Industrial coatings are paints that are applied on concrete, steel and any other surfaces to make them resistant to corrosion and physical damages. It is usually done to avoid formation of rust on the surfaces of various metals. The coatings have protective and aesthetic properties that enable them to be resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions. Most of the coatings are made of several chemicals including ethyl acetate xylene, reinforcing thermoset polyimide and polyimide binder resins. These chemicals have unique properties that are useful in the coating of surfaces.

Industrial coatings have numerous applications apart from making surfaces resistant to corrosion. One of the applications is being used as a fire resistant compound in the intumescent coating. There are many types of polymers that can be applied as coating. The most commonly used polymers are polyurethane, epoxy and moisture cure urethane. The other substances that can also be used in these applications are inorganic zinc, PVD, zylan coating, phosphate and fluoropolymer. The industrial coatings are applied on steel and concrete in most of the industrial facilities. These facilities include welding sites, manufacturing plants, construction sites, warehouses and storage facilities. In addition to preventing the formation of rust on the surface, the coatings make the cleaning of the surface easier.

You will always have a sense of relaxation knowing that the industrial coatings are doing their work in your industrial facility. The collection of debris and dust will no longer be an issue as the surface will always be clean. The surfaces will also be resistant to fire and any other forms of high temperatures. The coatings will last for a very long time before you have to reapply them. Numerous companies can be found online which you can hire to do the floor coating for you. These companies are well equipped to handle most of the surfaces found in industries.

I didn't know you could use industrial coating on floors, what an eye opener.
Posted by: Louise | May 25, 2016, 1:48 pm
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