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Industrial Coating Systems 101

The scope of surface-application benefits of industrial coatings is vast. From effectively extending asset longevity to simply enhancing overall aesthetic quality, it is evident that protective coatings can be a necessary component to maintaining asset success through its protective benefits in the long haul. While protective coatings are fundamental to asset success, it is not likely that a singular coating is applied to asset surfaces. Rather, a number of coatings that offer differing beneficial physical properties will be typically applied to maintain asset success while elevating visual appeal.

Cultivating a basic understanding of the most common types of industrial coatings and how they work in tandem to provide a complete protective coating system is essential to finding a system that is well-suited for the given asset.


Today we’ll discuss the 3 of the most common types of industrial coatings and where they typically fall within a coating system.




  • Epoxies are composed of an epoxy base and curing agent
  • Coating benefits include moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, performing well when submerged, increased film thickness (epoxy mastic coatings), and chemical resistance (phenolic epoxy coatings)
  • Epoxies are incredibly versatile and can be formulated to act as a primer, intermediate coat, or top coat depending on application purpose



  • There are two main types of polyurethanes: aliphatic and aromatic
  • Aliphatic polyurethanes offer great colour retention and perform well in sunlight; aromatic polyurethanes perform well when submerged
  • Coating benefits include abrasion resistance, increased gloss and colour retention, performing well under UV light, and performing well when submerged
  • Polyurethanes are typically applied as a top coat within industrial coating systems



  • Polysiloxane benefits offer increased resistance to abrasion and weathering, can suffice a two-coat application rather than the typical three-coat application, offers great colour and gloss retention, performs well to UV exposure, and performs well in increased temperatures
  • When used in tandem with an epoxy coating, the coating benefits are increased – providing a substantially better protection and resistance


Finding a Trusted Industrial Coating Applicator

If you’re looking for the perfect coating system that will preserve asset longevity while enhancing overall aesthetic quality, opting for a trusted industrial coating applicator is fundamental to achieving asset success.

Teff-Line is a fully certified and experienced coating applicator, capable of the perfect coating system that best meets your application needs. We are confident in our ability to offer industrial coatings for your business that enhance your asset’s durability and appearance. For all your coating needs contact Teff-Line today!

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