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Company Profile

Established in 1978 in Ontario, Canada, Teff-Line Ltd. quickly became the go-to industrial coating applicator for many businesses across North America. We specialize in surface preparation, supply, and application of engineered high performance protective coating systems that are formulated to extend equipment life and minimize costly downtime.

With our industrial coating applicator services, we enhance the properties of your equipment by infusing it with high release, non-stick and low-friction features.

Teff-Line Industrial Coating Applicator

Teff-Line Ltd. is a proud member of Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and NACE International. We are also an ISO-certified Licensed Industrial Applicator of DuPont coatings and finishes. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction cannot just be read on paper, however: it can be seen in every project we have undertaken, reflecting the workmanship of our professionals and the strict quality control that we adhere to every step of the way, from surface preparation to final curing and delivery. As a dedicated industrial coating applicator and specialist, we stand behind each and every one of our projects.

The wide variety of technologies that we offer make our coatings applicable for many industrial venues. We have put finishing touches on production rolls and assemblies for paper and textile plants; provided anti-sticking solutions for trays, grills, and meat processing equipment; coated metal processing machinery and custom material handling systems for mining corporations; to name just a few. Our qualified professionals, together with our technological innovations and commitment to every customer, make Teff-Line Ltd. the number one industrial coating applicator for many North American industries.