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Important considerations when looking for industrial coating services

According to the Information Research Limited, a market research firm, the industrial coatings industry is set to grow substantial growth in the next few years. Power- and water-based coatings are gaining market share from solvent-based alternatives. And manufacturers are trying to opt for environmentally-friendly products.

With more businesses than ever looking for an industrial coating services provider, beware!

Industrial coating services are very skill-dependent; achieving a high quality finish and maximum effectiveness with a coating demands experience, expertise and quality equipment.

The usual considerations that are understood by are:

  1. Does the service provider accepting a variety of order sizes;
  2. Can it work with parts of different shapes and sizes; and
  3. Is the service provided cost-effective and the customer service responsive.

Perhaps the most pertinent question to have been left out is: does the industrial coating services provider have prior experience with that coating? The answer very often lies with the service provider’s accreditations – serving as a statement of intent.

Take for instance Teff-Line, a 40-year-old company based in Ontario, Canada. It fast became the go-to for businesses across all of North America for its workmanship. And as a statement of intent, Teff-Line got accredited as a Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) of DuPont high performance coatings and an ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management Company.

The finish and effectiveness of the industrial coating is only as good as the equipment used and the people applying the coating. With a streak of innovation and being at the cutting-edge, Teff-Line is a leader in both those respects in the industrial coatings services industry. It deploys industry-leading technology, follows national standards, and couples that with highly skilled professionals.

Teff-Line works with clients from a vast array of industries, including aerospace, military, steel, chemical processing and more. Its expertise comes not only from how long we have been in the industrial coating services industry, but also the specialist knowledge that its team brings.

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