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How the Teflon Spray Coating Process Works

Both Teflon and powder coatings are done to impart specific properties to the item, component or equipment intended to be coated. The goal of powder coating is to provide a protective layer that shields the item from corrosion and potential damages. With Teflon spray coating, imparting a non-stick property to the surface of an item is the main goal.


Teflon spray coating is done with a chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer that has non-stick properties which reduce the friction on the material as well as giving it a protective layer against corrosion and damage.


Teflon coating is also known as anti-rust coating, and it has the ability to impart various other properties to the item it is being applied to. The most common of these properties is the non-stick qualities that Teflon offers, resistance to rust or corrosion and a longer life-span. Teflon coatings also offer several temperature resistance and added protective qualities against common industrial chemicals as well.


The process of Teflon coating is done in two methods of application. Choosing the method of Teflon spray coating will depend on the job requirements. These are the two most common and effective methods employed in Teflon spray coating:


Method # 1: This method starts by sandblasting the surface of the item that will be coated with Teflon. The surface will then receive a lot of micro-abrasions that will make the surface rough, which will make it easier for the non-stick Teflon to adhere.


Method # 2: The second application method ensures a stronger bond. This application method uses a modern resin as a bonding agent which enables the Teflon to stick to the surface of the item evenly and thoroughly.


Both of these methods of application will impart the protective and practical qualities of Teflon onto the item or piece of equipment. When done efficiently, a Teflon spray coating will also provide good protection to high temperatures and chemical corrosion.


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