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How Industrial Coatings Improve Overall Performance

At Teff-Line, we provide quality industrial coatings, including baked and air dried coating services, to our valued clientele. Industrial coatings are available in both powder and liquid forms. These coatings are so frequently used because they add value to any product where they are applied, which explains why industrial coatings are a common name in the fabrication industry.

The coating minimizes surface scratches, especially when fillers are added due to the high abrasion resistance that increases surface life and toughness. Industrial coatings are chemically inert and highly resist corrosion. This is due to the low porosity of the coating. Molten alkali metals and fluorinating agents that are highly reactive are the only known substances that affect this coating. Having a non-wetting property eases clean-up work, and the coating is oleophobic and hydrophobic.


The main properties of industrial coatings include:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Cryogenic stability
  • Heat resistance
  • Non wetting
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non stick
  • FDA conforming
  • Unique electrical properties
  • Abrasion resistance

The Food and Drug Administration has approved this coating to be used for direct food contact as it conforms to safety regulations. Unique electric properties of this coating include high surface resistivity, low dissipation factor, and high dielectric strength. Dielectric strength is simply the maximum voltage the coating can tolerate before breaking down. When current is applied to industrial coatings, there is an amount of electrical energy that is absorbed or lost. This is the dissipation factor. Adding fillers can create an anti-static coating.

Industrial coatings even retain physical property when subjected to very low temperatures of -454 degrees F, due to the coating’s cryogenic stability property. No other characteristic can be lost due to this sub-freezing ability. Depending on the type of coating used, sliding speed and load, this coating reduces the coefficient of friction. Anti-adhesive properties of the industrial coatings reduce wear and tear, preventing a pile up of foreign particles. 

Did not know about the FDA approval, definitely good to know! Cool stuff
Posted by: Peggy R. | November 28, 2017, 2:10 pm
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