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How Abrasive Blast Cleaning Works

Abrasive blast cleaning works by forcible propulsion by high pressure steam specific abrasive material. When this abrasive material is propelled at high speed, it effectively alters the surface of the material it hits.

Abrasive blast cleaning serves many purposes. It can smoothen a rough surface and vice versa, roughen an already smooth surface. It can also be used to embed grooves unto a surface. It can also serve to remove surface contaminants or remove any attached matter to a specific surface. This is the main purpose of abrasive blast cleaning.

There are many options as to the material propelled during the cleaning process. These include beads or plastic material which are as big as rice grain. Sand can also be used as an abrasive blast cleaner. This is used for large surface removals. Liquids can also be used as abrasive blast cleaning material. These include soda or water.

Aside from the material, one of the most important piece of the whole process is the use of a propelling device. To achieve the speeds needed to properly perform abrasive blast cleaning tasks, a compressor is needed to build the pressure to propel the material. The nozzle where the direction of the propelled material also is needed. Without these two pieces of equipment, abrasive blast cleaning would only be a figment of imagination.

Many industries employ abrasive blast cleaning in their daily operations. These include shipbuilding, metal finishing as well as other cleaning services. For shipbuilding, abrasive blast cleaning removes water organisms that have attached themselves to the boat’s hull. In metal finishing, the abrasive blast cleaning removes surface contaminants before application of other chemicals unto the metal. In other cleaning activities, removing molds or other organisms, removal of stains and other unwanted material is what abrasive blast cleaning does and does well.

I love how Abrasive blast cleaning effectively smoothens rough surfaces. Thanks for the info!
Posted by: Eliza4 | June 5, 2017, 1:07 pm
Abrasive cleaning is very important. Great read!
Posted by: Sanjeet P. | May 23, 2017, 9:36 am
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