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High Performance Coatings – The Basics

Whether you are in the aerospace industry, paper, and textile, mining, and refining, chemical processing, food and beverage, automotive, military or power generation, you definitely need high performance coatings for some of your applications. It is your industry that determines where this coating will be used.

In the paper and textile industry, high performance coatings are used in production equipment like dryer rolls and steam can assemblies. In the aerospace industry, the airplane components are protected from wear and tear through blast cleaning and baked coating services, hence an extended life for airplane components. The military industry also uses high performance coatings in the production of cable reels, guide winch system components and rapid securing devices.

FDA-approved coating systems are high performance coatings that are used in food and beverage industry to enhance direct food contact.

This is because the coatings can be used where high temperatures are involved, ensures a long life of components and have an advantage of not sticking. The automotive industry uses the cleaning powder coating in bearing surfaces, window and lock mechanisms, brake parts and other components. High performance coatings guard against impurities and rust hence applicable in handling linings containing waste elements, harmful chemicals and aggressive substances in the chemical processing industry.

Industrial coating services yield high performance coatings used in several applications in the power generation industry. These include finger plate assemblies, electrical equipment where finishing touches are well done and surfaces are well prepared. The mining and refining industry applies the abrasion coating technique that is a high performance coating in industrial bucket elevators, screw conveyors and in other material and metal handling and processing systems.

Teff-line LTD capitalizes in the provision of high performance coatings for all types of industries in the Canadian market.

Very interesting read, thank-you! Learning a lot so far.
Posted by: Sharon D. | December 12, 2017, 4:03 pm
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