Teflon coatings protect a wide variety of products and structures from damage and corrosion. The coatings can make almost any equipment and surface resistant to corrosive chemicals, which makes them vital for industrial equipment exposed to caustic chemicals and extreme temperatures. However, they're not indestructible, so here are four ways you can take care of them efficiently to ensure their longevity.

Thorough Equipment Maintenance

Most coatings tend to adhere longer and remain more effective if you clean your equipment and consistently do equipment maintenance checks. Cleaning prevents debris and dust from hardening and damaging the Teflon on your machine. You can rinse equipment and wipe them down with warm water to soften and remove debris and chemical residues.

Avoid Metallic Impacts Against Your Coated Products

Most Teflon coatings get damaged when metallic equipment collides against the coated surface. Scratches are enough to remove or reduce the effectiveness of the coating around your equipment. Take extra precaution when moving or transporting different equipment you have from one area to another.

Prevent Acid From Making Contact

Teflon is a chemical-resistant coating that can handle acid efficiently. However, prolonged exposure to acid can cause the coating to flake. If it doesn't flake, you'll see lines across different areas where acidic chemical residues have overstayed due to lack of cleaning. Once again, it's essential to make sure you clean your Teflon surfaces when you can.

Pay Attention To Coating Heat Limits

Manufacturers such as us Teff Line LTD will inform you about the heat and temperature limits of the industrial coatings we provide. Keep these in mind, and you'll be able to preserve and extend the lifespan of the protective Teflon coatings on your equipment.

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