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Everything You Should Know About Custom Powder Coating

Powder coatings are used within a number of different industries including the automotive and aerospace industries as well as the food & beverage industry. Custom powder coating encapsulates many things, and us at Teff-Line are capable of providing clients across Toronto and its Greater Area with the service that they need for their application.


From providing resistant properties for car brake parts and airplane components to chemical processing and food handling machines, custom powder coating is widely utilized by numerous industries.


Custom powder coating refers to a type of paint finish that is manufactured in powder form. During its production, polymer granules are combined with other ingredients, including special resin and filler. They are then milled into a fine powder, which is then applied and cured onto metal components and other parts in need of coating.


Unlike conventional liquid paint, a powder coating doesn’t need a solvent to apply, produces a more durable coat and works great for a wide range of applications. Generally, a single coat of a powder is already sufficient, making it an economical option with reduced time and energy. 


Once the solvent evaporates from liquid coating, it leaves a porous surface – even in the dry film. This porosity makes the coated surface less resistant to chemicals. As such, powder coats offer better corrosion and chemical resistance. They also provide a harder, more durable film for excellent scratch and mar resistance. Custom powder coating can be either applied manually to the material or can be done automatically in an automated paint booth.


In an automated application system, a computer generates the data as to the amount of powder needed to paint the substrate while a stationary or reciprocating guns are used to apply the coat. When the material has been completely coated, the powder will then be cured by baking it in an oven at the right temperature.


At Teff-Line, we understand how important custom powder coating is to a number of industries, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality powder coating services to clients across the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re in need of our services, feel free to contact us today!

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