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Dried-on vs. Baked-on Coatings

While most end users are unsure of the performance-based difference between dried-on and baked-on coatings, there is a need to know what works best for you. Destined to create lasting high performance coatings, both the drying-on and baking-on technologies allow the users to enjoy seamlessly superior finishes. Dried-on coatings are crafted from paints that are air-dried to offer an exemplary finish. Although both cases yield high performance outfits, there are several points of convergence between them as described below.

Smoothness of the finish

Dried-on paints are primarily crafted from wet paints that are easily dry after a few minutes of exposure to the air. Conversely, baked-on coatings involve coating surfaces with molten enamel using thermal-flexible substrates. Although highly dependent on the equipment used, baked-on coatings solutions are known to deliver smoother and finer finishes than their dried-on counterparts. For superior finishes, high performance coating substrates that easily cake on metal surfaces are preferred. With most dried-on coatings being best done under high pressure, attaining perfection on surface smoothness is not easy.


Modern coating solutions are crafted from advanced organic compounds whose volatility differs from one substrate to another. With most dried-on paints being crafted from petro-chemical substrates, they exhibit high volatility. Conversely, baked-on coatings are crafted from less volatile epoxies that strongly adhere to metal surfaces during and after the application process. 

Curing time

Dried-on coatings require more exposure time to interact with the air at room temperature and pressure. As a result, they tend to take longer than their baked-on counterparts whose results are instantaneous. Although baking increases the surface temperature, perfect coatings are often attained within a few minutes with the great deal of flexibility.

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Now I understand the difference! Thanks!
Posted by: Bonnie H. | May 23, 2017, 9:37 am
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