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Benefits of Chemical Resistant Coatings

As the name suggests, chemical resistant coatings help imbue equipment with properties which are beneficial in environments where high chemical corrosion is expected. Since most industries utilize chemicals at some point or other in the production process, chemical resistant coatings are universally demanded. The list of industries that rely heavily on chemical resistant coatings is extensive; it includes printing, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and chemical processing.


Which chemical resistant coating is most suitable depends on a number of factors – and must be assessed by a skilled and experienced professional.


Moreover, chemical resistant coatings over benefits far beyond just corrosion resistance, making them a worthwhile investment for many other applications. We take a look at some of common benefits:


1. Corrosion tolerance – Chemicals used in industrial applications can be highly corrosive. They can have a substantial detrimental effect on the longevity and functionality of equipment in direct contact. Chemical resistant coatings help mitigate this effect substantially.  

2. Reduced wear and tear – Chemical resistant coatings can reduce friction between treated parts. This not only reduces the wear and tear that occurs from direct contact, it helps reduce the heat generated. This is especially beneficial in high pressure load situations.

3. Anti-sticking – Parts treated with chemical resistant coatings become much less susceptible to sticking. This is especially advantageous if build-can cause unexpected maintenance delays. Build-up can also reduce part efficiency and, in some scenarios, have an effect on the finished product.

4. Reduced lubrication – Another benefit of chemical resistant coatings is that they can virtually eliminate the need for lubricating agents. Aside from lowering production costs, this also reduces time spent applying and maintaining the lubricating agent.

Chemical resistant coatings must be chosen on the specific requirements and environment. A skilled and experienced Teff-Line professional will be able to guide you. Teff-Line works with clients from a vast array of industries, including aerospace, military, steel and chemical processing. We have decades of experience providing baked-on chemical resistant coatings, with clients from across North America.

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