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An Overview of Custom Powder Coating

There are many classes of industrial coating that are commercially available but custom powder coating proved to be more superior. There are two different methods employed by the coating industry: liquid paint and powder coating. Liquid paint has been in existence for more thousands of years and is still being used up to this day. Powder coating, on the other hand, was only invented and made available commercially around 40 years ago.

The coating is applied on a surface using spray and brushes. The powder coat remains in its powder form during the application process. There are different types of powder used for the coating and it is usually applied on metal surfaces. If you are looking for a coating that is not only effective in keeping the metal surface protected but also more beautiful then powder coating is the best option. It offers an excellent finish and since it uses no solvents during the application, it has proven to have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Since its discovery up to this day, powder coating only continues to gain more and more popularity. When it comes to performance, it offers the highest possible efficiency with a durable finish. It is more eco-friendly because it produces less waste and the coating finish is high quality. The coat is thick but it remains the same and does not sag or deteriorate as time goes passes. Custom powder coating and its properties have shown to be better in comparison to the properties of wet paint, thus it is widely used around the world.

In the process of custom powder coating, it is important to perform the required pre-treatment in order to ensure that the surface is free from oil, grease, and dirt before coating it. There are different methods that may be used in pre-treating the surface through the help of cleaners such as alkaline, neutral and acidic. The kind of material should be compatible with the type of cleaner to be used. When choosing the pre-treatment process, also take into consideration the kind of coating that will be used as well the method of application. Aside from the above treatment methods, mechanical methods may also be utilized.

Upon purchase of the powder coatings, these are available in boxes and application is possible only with the use of an electrostatic gun. Compressed air is used by the gun in order to inject powder into the tank. The powder is then released through the pipe and out into the gun. The powder contains active electrodes thus a positive charge is applied once inside the gun. Once fired into the metal surface, the material must be grounded to make sure the powder sticks onto it. 

Didn't know this can apply to my project, awesome that you guys write this stuff
Posted by: Jay | April 28, 2017, 2:35 pm
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