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Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Abrasive blast cleaning is a globally favored and highly useful surface preparation technique in industrial production, thanks to its ability to provide the smooth consistent surface that is required for industrial coat applications, welding, and other metal treatment processes. This process results in the perfect underlying foundation for your metal treatments and applications, and better showcases the important aesthetic and functional elements of each product.


The use of abrasive blast cleaning can help you to achieve consistently more remarkable results than from untreated products. Abrasive blast cleaning can increase your product quality tremendously, which and serves as a definite improvement to many industrial production lines.


This type of cleaning is the preferred solution for many industrial manufacturers because it offers a number of benefits, many of which cannot necessarily be achieved with a different surface preparation technique, or cannot be achieved to the same degree of effectiveness. These services carry with them a guarantee of high quality for each of your products, every time.

Benefits of abrasive blast cleaning include the following:

  • Efficient, fast preparation
  • No resulting damage to the product surface
  • Clean and smooth result
  • Can handle contaminated metal

We utilize steel shot and grit, aluminum oxide, walnut shell, and glass bead blasting techniques to provide you the most suitable type of cleaning for your purposes. We can work with you to determine what methods can create the best results for your business.


To learn more about abrasive blast cleaning, feel free to give Teff-Line a call today. One of our representatives will be happy to provide you with further information to help you make the best decision for your industrial needs.