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A Guide to Custom Powder Coating

One of our specialties are baked coatings, which gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with one of the best and reliable custom powder coating services that you can find. From the coating application to baking, we provide top-quality results. This gives your product an excellent finish for years to come, as well as a bunch of protective properties.


When you’re in need of high quality custom powder coating, we at Teff-Line offer baked and air dried coatings for your industrial products!


Unlike conventional paint coatings that are liquid in nature, custom powder coating is applied in powder form. It is then cured or baked, creating a shell-like coating that is highly resistant and very durable compared to liquid state coatings. This makes it ideal for several different applications in the industrial and automotive industries where a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion are needed.


Aside from baked coatings, we also offer air dried coatings for a number of different industrial products. Typically used for metal fabricated components, our air dried coating service provides these components with a high resistance to chemicals and environmental hazards, as well as protection from moisture.


To enhance the durability and life expectancy of equipment that is exposed to chemical attacks, as well as equipment for chemical processing, we offer such coatings to get the job done and offer maximum protection.


Ideal in some pharmaceutical operations and even the food industry, our coatings are known to provide high-performance results. Compounds such as epoxy and nylon coatings are commonly used in these applications.


For more information and a list of all the chemical compounds we offer, for both aesthetic improvement and chemical resistance, feel free to contact us for all of your custom powder coating needs. One of our highly knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist in any and all of your inquiries regarding our services.

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