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5 Advantages of Teflon Spray Coatings

One simple step anyone managing a manufacturing facility can take to increase the longevity of their machinery and reduce their maintenance costs is to have a protective coating applied to their equipment. There are many brands offering coatings with a range of protective properties. 


Teflon is a trusted brand that has provided high-quality coatings that serve many industries.


Read on to learn about five advantages you stand to gain from having a Teflon spray coating applied to your machinery and equipment.


1. Chemical Resistance

Your facility equipment may come into contact with chemical solutions, either due to the nature of your facility operations or simply for cleaning or maintenance purposes. Having a Teflon spray coating applied to your machinery will prevent their degradation from constant exposure to chemicals.


2. Low Coefficient of Friction

A Teflon coating reduces friction between parts on a machine, allowing it to run more efficiently. This also serves a protective purpose, in that reduced friction and heat will slow down the corrosion of parts.


3. Rust Prevention

Keeping with its ability to resist damage, a Teflon spray coating can prevent the formation of rust on equipment. It is able to dispel moisture because it is hydrophobic—meaning that it cannot be penetrated by, and actually repels, water molecules. Rust could be the nail in the coffin for your machinery, so any product that will ensure you never see it is worth investing in!


4. Easy to Clean

Teflon is a recognized brand in the cookware manufacturing industry for its non-stick coatings. This property can also benefit machinery, as non-stick surfaces are much easier to clean. A Teflon coating causes liquids to roll off of surfaces, instead of settling onto a surface and staining it.


5. Heat and Cold Resistance

In addition to chemicals and moisture, a Teflon coating also protects against extreme heat (315 degrees Celsius) and cold (-270 degrees Celsius). If you require your machinery to operate in extreme temperatures, a Teflon coating will ensure there are no interruptions in production processes.


At Teff-Line, we offer a range of bake-on coating systems, including Teflon spray coating, to protect your equipment from wear and tear that can be incurred over time. We also have the expertise to recommend the best coating solutions for your specific facility needs. Contact us today for quality coating solutions and service!

Great article. Teflon definitely has an amazing reputation!
Posted by: Gill | March 22, 2019, 4:38 pm
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