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3 Interesting Facts About Industrial Coatings

While the production of industrial coatings can involve special formulations to create specific properties, all coatings have four major components in common. These components are the solvent, binder, pigment and additives. The relative proportions of these components in a particular coating will depend on its intended application. For example, formulations will vary for coatings used in ink printing, for household appliances or in the automotive industry. For those who work in industries that involve the use of specialized coatings, here are some of interesting facts.  


1. Corrosion Resistance is Achieved Through Additives

Corrosion is the worst thing that could happen to industrial machinery and equipment, as this type of damage is irreparable. Additives are incorporated into industrial coatings specifically to resist corrosion. These additives are commonly found in coatings for automotive applications, where galvanization of metal parts is necessary for protection against both rust and corrosion.


2. Powder Coatings Have a Unique Application Method

Powder coatings are different from spray coatings in that they are applied to metal substrates through a process called the “electrostatic method”. This method involves applying the coating with a gun as the substrate is kept grounded. After the substrate has been coated, it is placed in a curing oven, where heat will cause the powder to create a film on the surface of the substrate. The metal part is then removed from the oven to allow the coating to fully cure.  


3. Matte Finishes Can Have Scrub Resistance

While matte finishes are preferred for industrial coatings, they come at the cost of cleaning and maintenance. A matte finish contains a high pigment volume concentration (PVC), which leads to increased porosity and a tendency for surfaces treated with this finish to collect debris. A matte finish, however, can have scrub resistance if a filler is incorporated into its formulation to compensate for greater porosity.


At Teff-Line, we aim to provide industrial coating solutions that are unmatched in durability and aesthetic quality. The industrial coatings we offer include silverstone plastic coating, phenolic chemical-resistant coating, industrial Teflon coating and anti-corrosion nylon coating. Contact us today to find the best coating solution for your needs!

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